Truffle oil

How truffle oil came into existence

truffle oilTruffles are a culinary delight in our world today but the original truffles are very expensive, difficult to get and are seasonal. That notwithstanding, most people have developed a way to still enjoy that truffle essence all year long and at a cheaper rate.

Truffle oil is made from the shavings of truffle put into oil, then that sweet truffle aroma infuses into the oil and you can have that captivating aroma in your oil for a long time. The type of oil to use for this purpose is basically an individual’s choice but most times olive oil is the preferred oil.

Truffle oil can either be synthetic or natural

Natural truffle oil is made from the infusion of shavings of either black truffles or white truffles to make black truffle oil or white truffle oil respectively. Black truffle oil has a pungent smell and tends to have a richer flavor whilst white truffle oil is milder and has a more delicate flavor. Synthetic truffle oil is made from an organic compound known as 2, 4-dithiapentane which can be derived naturally or from petroleum base. Synthetic truffle oil usage is on the rise because it is cheaper, has a steady price and is available in all seasons whereas true truffles needed to make natural truffle oil are seasonal, very expensive, perishable and very hard to come by. Thus the synthetic truffle oil, gives users the ability to add the luxurious flavors of natural truffles to their dishes without having to go through the extremely difficult process of getting and buying natural truffles at a high price.

Nevertheless synthetic truffle oils do not give the unique taste that the natural truffle oil gives. Synthetic truffle oil sometimes have a metallic and gasoline taste associated with it although it is able to give the whim of a natural truffle taste before delving into the less pleasant taste, but remember that the synthetic truffle oil is a replacement for the extraordinary natural truffle oil with its unique taste and high cost.

Types of truffle oil include:

  • Black truffle oil.
  • White truffle oil.
  • Concentrated truffle oil.

Truffle oil is used very often as food additives not for cooking (because the heat from cooking the food usually destroys the taste and aroma that the truffle oil gives) but for finishing the dish. Truffle oil is basically used as oil finishing’s on foods like;

  • Vegetables
  • Stews
  • Soups
  • Poultry
  • Lobster
  • Steaks
  • Fish

Using truffles in the production of truffle oil and indeed other truffle products like truffle butter and truffle vodka ensure that the unique truffle aroma and taste is distributed over a lot of products and that everyone can afford a piece of the beautiful flavor and taste that the truffle provides to our dishes.